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A summary of important health news from the past week

More states are easing coronavirus restrictions this week, unnerving experts and some local officials

By Madeline Holcombe and Holly Yan

Multiple states have started to reopen shutdowns despite the recommendations of health experts. Colorado, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Montana, Iowa, Tennessee, Michigan, Hawaii, Texas, Alaska, and Georgia have all eased restrictions. However, a model produced by the University of Washington – and frequently cited by the White House Coronavisu Task Force – suggests states wait until May 1st or longer. Nevertheless, the mayors of several cities have expressed their opposition against reopening. Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms tweeted “if you’re getting your nails done right now, please share these noon numbers with your manicurist #StayHomeGeorgia.” LA Mayor Eric Garcetti similarly stated that “we can’t let one weekend reverse a month of work that you have invested in.” In addition, Dr. Fauci said that the US is “still not there” with testing and that the number of testing should double over the next weeks. He also stated that alongside testing, tracing, identifying, and isolating is also helping slow the outbreak.

Why US jails and prisons became coronavirus epicenters

By: German Lopez

The structural design of jails and prisons make it an ideal breeding ground for infectious diseases. It’s nearly impossible to practice social distancing due to overcrowding. Additionally, prison and jail facilities have limited access to hygiene products. hand sanitizers are normally prohibited due to its alcohol content. However, some prisons are providing sanitizers to the inmates given the high transmission rates of coronavirus. There have already been cases of inmates and staff testing positive for the virus. With millions of inmates entering and exiting prisons and jails each year, there is sufficient concern about the spillover effect of the outbreak beyond correctional facilities.

Planting trees could help this city prevent 400 premature deaths

By: Katie Hunt

Greening urban spaces by planting more trees can reduce mental and physical health issues as they also fight climate change. One city aiming to improve health by planting trees is Philadelphia. A study published Monday estimated that the city could prolong the lives of 403 residents if it meets its target. Green spaces improve health by encouraging healthy outdoor activity, increase social contact, and reducing air temperatures.

Coronavirus: How India will play a major role in a Covid-19 vaccine

By: Soutik Biswas

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that the United States will be working with India to create a vaccines for the novel coronavirus. This partnership is not new; the countries have worked together in this way for thirty years. Six Indian companies are working toward the vaccine. They are planning on beginning human trials in September. One benefit of the heavy involvement from Indian companies is their capacity to produce millions of doses fairly quickly.

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